Meet the Team

18319302_10208952862690028_865850163866857211_o-e1500468955974.jpg Thu Nguyen, Founder

Thu works in Washington, D.C. but grew up in Houston where she graduated with degrees in Chemistry and Sociology from Rice University. Through college, she was on the board of the Vietnamese Student Association and the Asian Pacific American SA and worked weekends at the nail salon. All of these experiences led to her desire to spend her free time on Rice Paper to tell the stories of young AAPIs and promote other hustlers and small businesses. Outside of Rice Paper, she works really hard on her Instagram @thudawin.


MaiThao Nguyen, Editor


19023525_10155432595523156_5053242323171671654_o.jpgBo Kim, Editor

Bo lives in San Francisco and works in health policy. He grew up in Houston and graduated with degrees in economics and art history from Rice University, where he led the Asian Pacific American Student Alliance and taught a student-taught course on Asian-American history as seen through food. Outside of work, Bo spends his time cooking, writing, and reading. For more of Bo, follow him on Twitter @boslkim or on Medium @boslkim.

12970940_10154259586937176_3325248314812338302_o.jpgJin Kim, Editor

Jin works and resides in San Francisco. He graduated with a degree in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania, where he was heavily involved in the Asian Pacific American community. He likes sweaters, vinyl records, and noodle soups. He is above average at bar trivia music rounds.