As the editors and contributors to Rice Paper have moved on to new chapters of our lives, I realized that I started this project at a transient time. This may seem like a problem as it resulted in the delay of our second volume – we promised ourselves to publish biannually but it seems to be an annual project at this point.
Despite the entire original team graduating from their respective universities and dispersing across the state and country, we all continue to eat, write and see out other AAPI creatives and entrepreneurs. After a whirlwind of moving to DC, exploring the Northeast and eating too much Asian fusion, I’ve finally concluded that Rice Paper will work just as fine. So why not expand our focus? I know I wanted to highlight the Houston community, but that doesn’t mean we can’t learn about SF, NYC, DC or others. Everything will still be examined through a Houstonian’s lens (Bo and I frequently lament the lack of comparably good Viet food in our respective cities) which will bring a unique aspect to the zine still. Also, everyone moves at least once in their life, why not take advantage of this?
I firmly believe that as long as we stay true to the one core value I had in mind for Rice Paper – to uplift and highlight new AAPI creatives and entrepreneurs – we will be fine and you, dear reader, will enjoy it just the same.
Much gratitude,

We are celebrating our first birthday soon! Thank you to all of our friends, family, contributors, donors, supporters.

Our second issue will come out around the time of our birthday celebrations, and we apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience. We are undergoing structural changes, so look out for announcements on a new managing team and updates on the backorder of merchandise!